Togian Islands Cheaper Trip,5 Days 4 Nights

togian islands cheaper trip,5 days 4 nights ( leave every Friday from Gorontalo), Start from Gorontalo and cross togean islands

Togean islands have 480 island,there is beautiful island and beach,Marine park,Junggle,Volcano,flora and fauna,Underwater,cave, Local culture, good and beautiful souround.

we present cheaper trip on togean islands for you, if you want to get a nice vacation and confortable quality, we offer tour packages Togian islands
you will no longer be bothered, bewildered and strees on your holiday trip

Itenerary :

Leave at every Friday

Day 01-friday-Gorontalo-Togean islands

pick up transfer from the gorontalo airport,15:00 of clock registration participants in Gorontalo Travel Office, and then pick up transfer to Harbour for leave,cross to togian islands, ferry leave at 17:00, see sunset on the  ferry boat.

Photo by : Traveling Sulawesi


Day 02-saturday

arrive on togean islands at 06:00 morning,transfer to Malenge island,Check in Resort on Malenge island, breakfast, relax, after it go to Tomini reff (Marine park)  for snorkeling trip, after snorkling, go to Karina beach,swiming and relax on the tropic beach, lunch on the beach,and then go to Jelyfish lake for snorkling,the jelyfish not dangerous,you can touch,after it,back to the resort,relax,sunset program,Dinner..born fire.. free the good sleep on the island..

karina beach

jelyfish ubur togean


Day 03-sunday-Togean islands

in the morning you can hear the sound of bird,fresh the nature,breakfast,coffe or tea, after breakfast go to Atoll reff,coral garden marine for snorkling trip..and then go to pangempa island, after that go to kadidiri island,Relax on the beach,lunch on the beach, after it go to long bridge and bajo village on Pulau papan,afternoon back to resort on Malenge,susnet program,




Day 04-monday-Togean islands-

Breakfast, treking on Malenge junggle, find the monkey (black macaca) after that go to Waleakodi island,Relax on the beach in waleakodi island,or you can snorkling on the beach reff, back to resort,lunch, after lunch,12:00 of clock check out resort, pickup transfer to wakai harbour for leave to gorontalo, ferry leave at 15:30 to gorontalo, sunset on the ferry boat

Day 05-tuesday-Gorontalo

arrive in gorontalo early morning at 05:00, transfer to gorontalo airport,and the end..thanks you very much..see you again..


for detail schedule please Mobile contact or email :

Price Tour Package : 

1.200.000 Rupiah/ person (6-7 person)
1.500.000 Rupiah/ person (4-5 person)
2.000.000 Rupiah/ person (2-3 person)
3.000.000 Rupiah/ Person (1 person)

The price INCLUDE :

-Airport pickup transfer drop off

-3 days Room resort on the  island (standard room,private bathroom )

-Boat trip for snorkling trip and island hoping

-SpeddBoat pick up transfer from/to harbour

-theree meals everyday,coffe&tea

-masker snorkle

-Guide tour,guide snorkling (english speak)

-Ferry ticket go back (bussines class,aircone)

-Tax Goverment




-Diving : 400.000 rupiah/dive/person


Note : Juli and August High season, confirmed 1 week before trip

Togean islands Tour Package 8 Day 7 Night

Togean islands Tour, 8 Days 7 Nights ( Snorkeling, Relaxing, Adventure, Culture,Sight seeing) Togian islands hopping (leave every Monday and Friday  ),start from Gorontalo

if you want to get a nice vacation and quality, we offer tour packages Togian islands
you will no longer be bothered, bewildered and strees on your holiday trip because all will be in the care of a professional travel guide from Traveling Sulawesi

Itenerary :

Day 01 : Gorontalo-pickup at the airport
Lunch in local restorant, and then go to hot sping in Limboto Lake, and then Go to the hill on Tomini Gulf,then Go to harbour for cross to togean islands at 18:00 of clock



Day 02 : kadidiri-Togian islands

Arrive on Togean islands at 06:00 of clock in the morning,transfer with speedboat to resort

Check in Resort on Kadidiri island , breakfast, relax, on the beach,lunch..relax ,after it  snorkeling Trip to Taipi wall reef, see the underwater,back to resort,lunch,relax,sunset program, dinner, free program,rest..


karina beach


Day 03 : kadidiri-Togian islands

the  soun of bird on the island,breakfast, after breakfast go to Kadidiri reff for snorkling trip..then go to the jellyfish lake, after that go to the shore karina beach, white sand that smooth , lunch on karina beach, after enjoying the afternoon sunset.dinner, a break



Day 04 : malenge-Togian islands
breakfast,check out resort,transfer to malenge island,island hoping on the way to malenge island,check in resort in malenge , relax on the beach, lunch, after lunch,go to Tomini reef for snorkling trip,the Go to malenge beach,relax on the white sand beach,then go to the Long bridge and gypsy bajo village on papan island,sunset program,

Taman Nasional Kepulauan Togean (Resize) (8)malenge resort

detik_IMG_8596long bridge-malenge

Day 05  Malenge-Togian islands
Breakfast, and the Snorkling trip to Waleakodi island reef.. after snorkling, lunch on the Walea beach..relax on the beach and then go to Malenge junggle,the rainforest..afternoon back to resort ,

Day: 06 : waleakodi-Togian islands

after breakfast,transfer to waleakodi island,check in resort,relax on the beach,relax..lunch..then go to atoll for Snorkling trip, back to resort,relax ..dinner.. rest..

jelyfish ubur togean


Day 07 Togian islands-Gorontalo

Breakfast..check out resort and go to wakai harbour,leave at 15:30 to Gorontalo with the ferry boat,sunset at the ferry

Day 08  Gorontalo

05:00 morning,ferry Arrive in Gorontalo harbour and then drop off to airport,
You can take a conect flight on  11:00 with  LION AIR and 13:00 withGARUDA airlines) if go to manado Bunaken,you can take the car/kijang in the harbour,the price 150.000/person


2.500.000 Rupiah /person (5-6 person)

 3.000.000 Rupiah/ person  (3-4 person )

 3.500.000 Rupiah/ person ( 2 person)

All Include:

-airport pick up transfer drop off

-Speedboat transfer,

-boat trip,

-Room Resort 7 days (standard room,)

-Ferry Ticket Bisnis class,Aircone,

-snorkeling equipment, (masker,snorkle)

-breakfast, lunch, dinner everyday, coffe & tea,

-Guide Snorkling, Professional Tour Guide,

-Driver Boat,Petrol

-Tax goverment

Not Include : ferry cabin,cosmetic, ,minibar,car to manado,Diving.

Optional : Diving : 25 euro/dive/person, ferry cabin rupiah/cabin

note : on july and august is the high season, confirmated 1 month before trip/arrived