Togean Islands

togean islands infosulawesi



Togean islands still primitive islands , no signal internet. All is relax and slow there…

ferry boat schedule to togean islands.

Public boat schedule on togean islands, (Update information at 19 September 2017.)

from Gorontalo


from Gorontalo airport you can go to harbour of gorontalo and take the public ferry boat .12 hours cross),

or you can stay overnight in gorontalo and on the next day take the ferry boat.



the ferry boat name is Tuna Tomini,leave from gorontalo city harbour to togean island(wakai) just every tuesday & friday,12 hours to cross,overnight on ferry boat. the ferry boat name TUNA TOMINI.

Tuna Tomini boat leave from Gorontalo harbour every Tuesday and Friday at 18:00 of clock in the evening. will be arrive in togean islands (wakai) at 07:00 of clock on next day.

Return ferry boat Tuna Tomini .

from wakai(Togean islands) to Gorontalo city is every Monday and every Thursday, leave from wakai-togean at 15:00 of clock afternoon, arrive in gorontalo at 05:00 early morning.


Private Cabin Room on ferry boat.

If you want confortable your holiday and savety the luggage/pocket in the ferry boat,you can use the Private Cabin Room, every ferry boat just have 8 Private Cabin Room.

There is Private Cabin in TUNA TOMINI & UKI RAYA ferry boat, there is bed for sleep. 2 and 4 bed and air condition room,1 cabin room possible for 2 or 4 person,if you are family or group friends,better you take a private buzy ,no terieble, noise and safety. You can sleep well and rest in Private Cabin.

the private cabin price is 600.000 rupiah/cabin,the cabin price not include the entrance harbour ticket, if you use cabin,you just buy the economy ticket for entrance harbour .the price entrance ticket 65.000 rupiah/person.

Private Cabin Room.

Economy Class (outside of the Private Cabin room).

For Purchase/buy the Private Cabin,payment via transfer bank account or western union.

Just 8 cabin on the fery boat, limited.better to booked/buy before you arrive,so you not lose the Private Cabin. Because the Local people also want to use the Private Cabin. Must Quick to Booked.

The receipt/invoice booking or payment we send on your email. After Your Payment confirmation, just via transfer bank account or western union.

Contact us for Purchase/booked : WhatsApp number & telephone : +62 853 42133 888 . website: , email:

Attention Please…

Our Travel Officer Staff and Tour Guide bring the Permits letter, manual type from Notarist Law Office (Goverment),the permits letter have the Red Stamp from Indonesia Goverment/Notarist.

Because many Guide in Gorontalo no have permits letter from Notarist (Government Law Branch Office). Its the illegal, they Dont have register permits letter from Indonesia Goverment/Notarist ,

they make T-shirt and Id Card duplicate (not Real ID Card). They so many operation in the hotel and harbour on gorontalo & Togean.

Nobody will Responsibility if something Trouble…so.. save your Holiday..,better to use Legal Tourism Service.

Please confirm to us if somebody claim they work in our Travel Agency Company.

Is the Our Legal Permits Letter from Government / Notarist. Our officer have like this when they work,they usually bring the Permits Letter.

The 2nd second route:
From paguat marisa (
Regency of Gorontalo Province) to togean islands.

Ferry boat from Paguat-marisa to Togean islands (Dolong-waleakodi). Crossway just 5 hours. The ferry boat name Cengke Afo,the boat size like Tuna tomini.

Ferry boat from paguat-marisa leave every thursday and sunday at 07:00 in the morning, cross way just 5 hours.

Ferry boat will be arrive in dolong harbour on waleakodi island-togean, from waleakodi island many connect small boat to malenge island,katupat or kadidiri.

From gorontalo city or airport you can go to paguat-marisa,long road 2,5 hours by private car / charter. For private car you can booking the private car on telephone or whatsapp number : +62 85342133888. The price car is 700.000 rupiah/car, 7 seat (toyota innova).

In Paguat-marisa you can stay overnight in homestay in paguat, the homestay close the harbour, just 15 minute to harbour by tok tok-motorbile or car, the room homestay price 100.000 rupiah – 150.000 rupiah/room. There is also waiting room in harbour of paguat-marisa, sometime the local people sleep there for wait the ferry boat.
From dolong-togean islands to Paguat-marisa

Ferry boat cengke afo back to paguat marisa from dolong-togean islands every wednesday & saturday, leave from dolong harbour (togean islands) at 07:00 in the morning and will be arrive in paguat-marisa at 12:00 of clock (5 hours).



Private charter Fastboat,

(Sulawesi Sailing boat with speedboat and diesel enggine) the fastboat capacity 30 person and 100 person),

if you want to charter private fastboat from/to luwuk-pagimana or ampana,or marisa, please contact us.


the private charter fastboat price:

Fastboat pick up you from ampana,pagimana .bring you direct to resort.

the charter price Rp 6.000.000 rupiah/boat/one way (capacity boat 40 person,cargo 7 ton)

Rp 10.000.000/boat/one way (100 person capacity)

for charter the private fastboat,please contact:

Booking Contact telePhone & whatsapp : +62 853 42133 888 (please booking for available before you arrive,limited edition)

 for more information and detail please open :


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