Togian Islands

togean islands information


ferry boat schedule on togean islands

Public boat schedule on togian islands, (Update 29 november 2015)

Gorontalo is the best and eazy way for cross to togean islands.

Note : on the ferry harbour in ampana and gorontalo many ilegal information and people, please use the legal information and save your holiday, the Officer from TRAVELING SULAWESI use the id card from the Office, please contact us if you confuse or not sure 

Ferry boat schedule :

from GORONTALO  CITY to  TOGEAN ISLANDS ( WAKAI ) ,the name of the ferry is TUNA TOMINI

leave from Gorontalo to Togean islands every Tuesday & Friday at 18:00 of clock evening


Leave from Wakai Togean islands to Gorontalo city is Every Monday & Thursday, leave at 15:00 of clock and will arrive in gorontalo city at 05:00 early morning

from AMPANA to TOGEAN ISLANDS (Wakai), the name of the ferry is PUSPITA SARI & LUMBALUMBA

Ferry from Ampana to Togean islands Every Monday, Wednesday & Saturday, leave at 10:00 of clock.

the ferry Rute PUSPITA SARI and LUMBA LUMBA ( Ampana-Wakai-Malenge-Dolong)


From AMPANA to TOGEAN ISLANDS (wakai)  ,go with TUNA TOMINI ferry

leave  from Ampana to Wakai-Togean islands every Monday , Thursday & Sunday at 10: 00 of clock


(Update 29 november 2015)

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